Why do I blog?

Inspired by reading ‘should doctoral researchers blog?’ a post from pat thomson, I’ve had a think about why I’m blogging.

As explained briefly in my ‘about‘ page, the main reason for my blogging is to get me in the habit of writing. In the next few years I want to get better at writing both in academic style and more creatively.

My writing skills have always been weaker, despite having no problems at school and splitting up my sciences with an essay subject. I feel like I’ve managed to leave school and graduate my degree without really learning how to write. I want to improve my understanding of grammar (though I’m not alone!), style and develop my editing ability. I hope to get better at writing for deadlines and estimating how long pieces are really going to take me, in that way I can manage my time more effectively. Luckily there’s lots of useful resources available online and in print and I know this is something that can be developed with some effort and lots of practice.

The second reason is to have a record of my time in science research. I can’t predict everything that lies ahead and I don’t know where my career will lead. Often cited at the moment is the number of PhD’s that leave university research and the difficulties that women face perusing an academic career. Having a record of my time may help me to decide what I want to do with my life and help others see what points in my early career that were pivotal in my decisions.

Finally, an interesting point raised from the post- will I look back at my early doctoral blogs with embarrassment? Well hopefully not, but I almost certainly will. It will be like going through old photos and cringing at my hairstyle and fashion choice. I have come to terms with this as I’ve already immortalised my masters in blog form and had to think about the implications. I still feel like it was a rewarding experience and, thus far, I have no regrets.

So this is why neurorach.wordpress.com exists and I hope it makes for interesting reading.



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