#ShareMyThesis and drawing my thesis


I’m a fan of thinking about my work in different ways. It keeps the importance of the work fresh in my mind and challenges me to explain what I do in novel ways.

Last month The British Library together with EthOS launched #ShareMyThesis competition on twitter. With over 2000 entries from around the world it was a great success. The finalists published blogs elaborating on their initial tweets and the overall winners chosen- Congratulations!

Though I think PhD students do love a competition (who doesn’t want a free mac?!), I also think it was a great way for the #PhD twitter community to talk about their research. There are many PhD students on twitter, but I feel like we rarely talk about the real nuts and bolts of our work. It was good to have a step back and really think about explaining the core of what we’re doing.

So what if you missed the competition?

The concept actually reminded me of lol my thesis: ‘Summing up years of work in one sentence’. The @lolmythesis twitter feed is regularly updated and you can submit your own entry via the website.

Draw your thesis

As part of a ‘Planning and managing your PhD’ workshop at my university we were asked to draw our research for a 5 year old.

Here is my attempt:


Not only does this show off my artistic talent (!), it was another effective way to think about my thesis from a completely different angle. I also feel this is helpful when considering communicating research to other scientists and too the public. Plus it was pretty fun to go round the room and look at everyone’s work of art!

Here are some more ways to think and communicate all the exciting PhD research out there:

How do you think differently about your research?
Know any other novel ways to communicate your PhD?
Have you heard of any other intriguing competitions?

Comment here or talk to me @NeuroRach!

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2 Responses to #ShareMyThesis and drawing my thesis

  1. I am so happy I am not alone with the thesis drawing…. Awesome blog.

  2. Anne Nielsen says:

    Love the drawing! 😀 Need to try that..

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