BNA Festival of Neuroscience 2015 – A PhD Student perspective

Over 1,600 neuroscientists from the UK and beyond descended on Edinburgh for the BNA Festival of Neuroscience 2015.

As my PhD is on dementia with a focus on Alzheimer’s disease, the conference programme this year was very exciting. As well as attending sessions relevant to my PhD I could also brush up on the latest findings in other areas of neurodegenerative research.

This was the 2nd conference of my PhD and the 2nd BNA Festival of Neuroscience I’ve attended. In 2013 I was completing my MRes and volunteered at the conference when it was at the Barbican in London. I blogged about the experience and I was pleased to see student volunteers in Edinburgh as it was a great way to attend a conference as a masters student without the fee!

Throughout the 4 days it was great to see people I’ve worked with previously as well as making new connections with people from different institutions and career paths (including those I didn’t know from Bristol!).

To further facilitate early career researchers the BNA held several ‘Careers speed-dating‘ sessions throughout the conference. The session was 45 minutes long and consisted of short chats ~5minutes with an academic at each station, before then moving round.

Here I met several people that had done their post-docs abroad, predominately in the US, and this is something I’m particularly interested in. It was great to get encouragement and advice about going down this route.

As a bonus, this meeting also had the best student social I’ve ever been too! A science ceilidh!

So if you couldn’t make it here are some of my tweets from the 4 days and a link to the two recorded public lectures!

Running at the same time as the BNA was the Edinburgh International Science Festival. As I few to Edinburgh a day early I got to check some of it out! There were things going on all over the city and I was really impressed by the range of events and the general presence of science in the city – nice one Edinburgh!

So thanks BNA – I hope to be at BNA2017 with a poster in hand!

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