A Sense of Self: Perspectives from Neuroscience and Human Rights Law

For the last month I’ve been taking part in the ‘Opposites Attract Collaboration Challenge‘ organised by the Bristol Doctoral College and working on this project:

Opposites attract flyer crop

I read about the Opposites Attract Collaboration Challenge in the BDC newsletter and thought this was an exciting opportunity to explore research in a new area. I have a general love of all things science and in recent years have enjoyed learning more about the history and philosophy of science. With these broad interests I felt confident that I could collaborate with researchers from a range of departments.

I applied a month before and thought it would be a popular scheme considering the current trend for multidisciplinary research. Luckily for me I was accepted and assigned a partnered up with Caroline doing a PhD in Human Rights Law.

Caroline and I met several times over coffee to discuss ways in which our work connected and to bounce ideas of each other. We then went away and did some reading to back up what we’d gone over and search out new perspectives on the subject.

Our final project centred around the following points of connection:

  • The brain
  • Consciousness and Conscience
  • Mind /Body dualism
  • Loss of or damage to ‘the Self’
  • The Role of Religion or Belief for Individuals

We developed a structured conversation in where we documented what we had discussed in our meetings, created a short video summarising our project and produced flyers and a poster display. Our research was presented at the University of Bristol Festival of Postgraduate Research 2015.

Caroline’s LEGO PhD:

Hopefully you can tell we both enjoyed the project and got a lot out of our time working together. We had a brilliant afternoon at the Postgraduate Festival of Research and won the prize for Best Research Display!

It was great to receive recognition for our collaboration and we’re looking forward to continuing to chat and exchange ideas for developing our work.

Below is the audio track extracted from our short video and our project flyer. If you would like to read more about our work and receive a copy of our structured conversation please feel free to send us an email.

Opposites attract flyer 1Opposites attract flyer 2

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