Blog for Alzheimer’s Research UK

It’s all been a bit quite on my blog for a while, though if you check out my twitter you’ll see that I’m still active and PhDing away. I’ve also written a blog for Alzheimer’s Research UK.

I was attended last years Alzheimer’s Research UK conference 2015 and also stopped by the ARUK table at British Neuroscience Association 2015 conference and I was invited to write a for

How is blood flow linked to Alzheimer’s Disease


I’ve written about the current topic of my PhD research. I really enjoy thinking about my work from a different perspective and writing about my research in an active voice and in a way that can be understood by a wider audience was really refreshing.

It was also a brilliant feeling to see a comment on my blog – which gave me such a boost when I was having a ‘why am I doing this?!’ PhD week. (Thanks Emma for pointing this out!)

ARUK blog comment

I’d definitely recommend writing about your research in a more informal setting and perhaps contacting relevant charities, institutions or funding bodies who may be able promote your blog to wider audience. I particularly appreciate that although I am not directly funded by Alzheimer’s Research UK they’re happy to feature my work on their site, so thank you!

For links to more of my writing see the ‘NeuroRach on other blogs‘ page.

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