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Time and ponderings spent away from the lab bench

How do I get lab experience?!

Without lab experience I definitely wouldn’t be doing my PhD. I wouldn’t have even considered it. I owe my enjoyment of science and research to a lot of people who have mentored and taught me, but it’s probably having the … Continue reading

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The Effect @ The Pegg Studio Theatre

Past readers may have seen that I enjoy the crossover of art and science. In particular from a post written last year: Neuroscience + Art. This is the first play I’ve seen since moving to Bristol and I would have missed it completely … Continue reading

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My favourite reads in 2014

This post is a brief run through of the books I’ve enjoyed the most in 2014. Following several years of being overwhelmed with papers and feeling guilty for reading anything else, I completely fell in love with reading again. For … Continue reading

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Has getting a PhD changed?

I love science and as a result I’ve spent the last few years perusing a funded PhD studentship researching neurodegeneration. My effort has paid off – I have secured a place in a lab with a project I’m interested in, … Continue reading

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Why do I blog?

Inspired by reading ‘should doctoral researchers blog?’ a post from pat thomson, I’ve had a think about why I’m blogging. As explained briefly in my ‘about‘ page, the main reason for my blogging is to get me in the habit of … Continue reading

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Neuroscience + Art

If you’re happen to follow me on twitter, you will I’ve seen that I like to get out and visit exhibitions and shows in London. One week this summer saw me lucky enough to attend 2 events that sparked my … Continue reading

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Back to Blog

I’m currently at a brief pause in my life. I have finished my job (more about that to come!) and have been enjoying a 3 month gap between now and starting my PhD. It’s time to get back to the blog! … Continue reading

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@NeuroRach It’s been a bit quiet on the blogging front these past 9 months… but I’m going to get back into writing very soon. In the meantime check out my twitter to help fill in this rather large gap!  

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My Imperial College London student blog

Its been 1 week since I finished my MRes at Imperial College London. Whilst there I had the opportunity to have my very first blog: I’d wanted to do a masters of research to improve my academic writing, but … Continue reading

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