My Master’s blog

My previous blog was hosted by Imperial College London and was written as I completed my MRes in Experimental Neuroscience.

*30-09-15 UPDATE – this blog site has now been removed*

At the beginning of each academic year Imperial College London hosts a Uni wide call for bloggers at any stage of their education from 1st year Bachelors to PhD level. I sent in a sample piece written about my first week at Imperial and was selected along with 11 other students to blog for the year. We had some brief training and a photography session, then our personalised blogs were up and running!

Are you:

  • considering doing a STEM Masters?
  • choosing between a MSc and an MRes course?
  • wanting to study Neuroscience?
  • deciding whether to move to London to study?
  • thinking about attending Imperial College London?
  • have a general interest in neuroscience research?

If yes to any of the above I recommend you give my blog a read and check out some of the others bloggers too. There’s a treasure-trove of information and advice from students just waiting to be accessed.




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